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The Best Way Forward Is To Switch To Using Alternative Energy Wind Solar

Today, almost everyone in the world has become aware of what alternative energy wind solar is all about and this is not surprising because wind and solar energy has in fact, been used for about well over two thousand years in one form or another. As far as solar energy goes, there are many uses for it and in fact with the help of solar energy it is possible heat as well as produce electricity, and what’s more, alternative energy wind solar can also be used as a pairing of using solar panels to provide energy during the day while wind energy can be used to get energy during the night.


Energy Bill

Today, the US has become most concerned about how it obtains its energy and this can be seen from the fact that the US House of Representatives has adopted the Energy Bill that requires all utility companies to make at least a fifteen percent contribution of electricity generation from alternative energy wind solar and to achieve this target by the year 2020.

It is believed that with the passage of such a bill, the US will have begun to find its way in having an alternative energy wind solar option that will greatly reduce its dependence on conventional energy sources that are not only becoming very costly, but which are also being depleted at alarming rates.

To ensure that alternative energy wind solar reaches it full potential the US has also, through the Energy Bill, proposed to ban the sale of hundred watt incandescent bulbs by the year 2012 and it addition, it will also mean that bulbs in future must have three hundred percent more efficiency as compared to standard bulbs and this target is to be achieved by the year 2020 as well.

Switching to alternative energy wind solar will also benefit everyone involved in programs for using alternative energy in that they can avail of loan guarantees as well as get grants from the federal government, as well as enjoy tax breaks. As a war is now being waged against energy derived from fossil fuels, there could yet be a silver lining to the cloudy horizon when present day energy is costing more while use of alternative energy wind solar can prove to be the solution to future needs. One can only hope and pray that the powers that be in Washington do not sacrifice alternative energy wind solar at the altar of mega profits and vested interests that are keeping the fuel based lobby doing their best to thwart moves to make a switch to cleaner and renewable alternative energy wind solar.

Renewable energy solar wind means getting energy from resources that do not get depleted as we use them up, but which will continue renewing them as they are found in abundance and continually replenish their lost quantities. Also, by switching to alternative energy wind solar, we can keep our environment clean and thus not have to worry about pollution or depleted resources.

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