Solar and Wind Turbines
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Save the Environment With Solar Heating Energy

Heating and cooling accounts for much of the electricity used across the world today. If you were capable of cutting your electricity bill by a third or even more, wouldn't you jump at the chance to save yourself one hundred dollars or more a month? You might actually be surprised that solar heating energy can not only heat your home but also cool it as well. That certainly might seem like a paradox to be able to use heat to cool something, but wind is actually caused by solar energy heating up some air and causing it to rise. You can use this same technique to cause a breeze through your own home, as well as supplying all of your other heating needs that you have throughout the year.


More Than Electricity

Solar heating energy is just another use for solar energy systems beyond simply generating electricity. When you think about solar panels, you likely think about electricity, and while this is the most common use for them, you can also purchase solar heating energy panels for your home to directly use the sun's energy instead of turning it into electricity. In fact, if you're thinking about solar energy for your home, consider solar heating energy for all of your heating needs instead of turning solar energy into electricity. It will be ultimately more efficient to do so, and you'll save some more money.

This technology relies on passive solar energy to store solar heat for further use. When you need to use it, the storage equipment will release it a little bit at a time, and it can be used to directly heat the house that way. If you wish to cool your home, the solar heating energy will create a slight breeze through your home. When combined with a dehumidifier, this system can effectively replace air conditioning in your home. Of course, solar heating energy can also be used for your water heater needs, so you literally won't ever to spend a single cent on heating or cool electrical consumption ever again.

Solar heating energy is even more effective when installed along with normal solar energy panels, so you can get all of your energy needs met from a single, reliable, and free source. It's now the most cost effective method of supplying all of your energy demands, and you'll be able to not only cool and heat your home, but you can also use computers, appliances, and lights with solar energy panels as well. Within a decade, your solar system will have paid for itself, and you can save one hundred thousand dollars or more over your lifetime.

Solar Power and Wind Energy