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What I Need To Do To Use Solar Power In My Home?

Using solar power to supplement your home energy is a great way to save on bills and protect the environment.  There are some steps you need to take before implementing home solar power however.  I am going to outline some of the basics of what solar power is and things you need to know before implementing it.


Important Features Of A Solar Power System

The first thing you need to know is how your solar power system is going to work.  More than likely this system will not provide enough power to fuel your entire home, but will be an additional supplement to your homes current power.  There are some systems that completely rely on solar power for everything, but those can cost in excess of 50,000 dollars to set up.  In addition it is only advisable to set up a system like that when your home is being built as you will need to maximize the energy efficiency of your home in order to use the power effectively.

There are some advantages to being on the grid and using it to supplement your power.  The first is that you can be safe and secure knowing that you have a backup to your solar power.  The second advantage is that any extra power you generate you can sell back to the electric company.  This can help to offset the cost of the installation of the system.  In addition if you add a battery onto your system you can also have power when the local system goes off line.  This is a great help for people that are in areas where losing power would prove extremely dangerous.

In addition to solar power, you can also supplement your system with hydro power.  Hydro power is a great back up to your solar system on cloudy days or in the winter.  If you are lucky enough to have property on a river than investing in a hydro system to supplement your solar system is a great idea.

The next thing you have to consider before installing a solar system is how efficient your home is.  I would suggest replacing all of your light bulbs with energy efficient florescent ones.  In addition, replacing old appliances with new energy efficient ones and replacing old windows with new thermal efficient double paned ones will greatly reduce your power consumption.  Before switching to a solar power system, take the time to try to reduce the amount of power you use by as much as possible.

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